Monday, November 7, 2011

So Far To Find You

Since we have been home... Sorry I haven't posted lately. Honestly I had planned on kind of letting the blog disappear now that this segment of our journey has ended. I have been surprised by how many people have randomly commented or emailed asking for updates! So I'll give you a few~

Reed, Mommy, and Daddy are doing great! We couldn't have asked for an easier transition into our new lives. We have teased that we are waiting on him to get over the "honeymoon" period! We know hard times are going to come our way but as of now we are crusing nicely through each day.

We have stayed busy with so many things the first 2 weeks... Finally life has settled down and we have been hiding out up for some family time. We are so thankful for the visits and meals so many of you have shared with us. They have meant so much to us. Mostly, THANK YOU for the many prayers you all sent up to JC throughout this entire journey. We couldn't have done it without His guidance.

A few questions that have been asked by readers of the blog (sounds so crazy!) have been:

- How is Reed adjusting? GREAT! I would say the only issue that we have faced is eating. He doesn't really want to eat anything but BANANAS & VEGGIES! You might say well that great! No, I would prefer for him to broaden that menu! He is doing much better at trying new things. Someone pointed out to me that we didn't eat anything while we were in Ukraine either so maybe it's quite normal! GREAT POINT!

- How is English going? I would say wonderful... He is saying his ABC's, counting to 10, writing his name, and several other beginning educational things. We communicate quite well around the house. He has learned several one word phrases. Honestly there are so many I can't name them all. Communication is much easier than one might think. Let's say he is picking up much quicker than we did in Ukraine!

- What is the plan for him now? Reed and I will stay home until December. In January, Reed will start kindergarten. He has already met his classmates and wonderful teacher! He already talks about going to school so let's hope that adjustment goes smoothly. I'm thinking it's going to be much harder on Mommy than him.

- What are his favorite things to do? He loves to be outside. Daddy has him playing all sports! We went and watched our neighbor play basketball one night and he loved it! He talked about it for days. When he sees football or baseball on tv he makes Daddy stop and watch it. We have found it odd he doesn't really want to play with any of his toys. He would much rather be doing whatever Mommy and Daddy are doing. Yes, even if that is cleaning! He loves to do laundy, dishes, sweep, vacuum, etc

- Would you adopt again? NO DOUBT! We would love to adopt again. The journey is long and hard but it is more than worth it. I wouldn't change any step of our journey good or bad. It is all there for a reason. In the end you will look back and see how God planned each and every step of the way. In our case we look back and laugh at how funny He really can be!

The sole reason we did this blog from the beginning was to allow others who might want to do the same thing information and facts about an Adoption from Ukriane. So PLEASE if you are thinking of adopting and have any question email us. I learned so much from reading other peoples blogs. We would have been quite unprepared for several things if Tesney hadn't shared her packing list with me! We have already talked with several families we don't even know. They found our blog and thought they'd e-mail! GREAT! That's what we are here for. We want nothing more than to help you on your journey, encourage you, and show you it's all worth it!

I listened to this video after seeing it posted on a friend's Facebook page. It's by far the best song I have heard! Hope you enjoy.

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  1. So enjoyed reading your latest blog... I tried to find you on FB, but there are TONS of Felecia Simmons (maybe I got your last name wrong??). Anyway, so I googled you and I found your blog :o) It was so great meeting you this weekend! Reed is SO cute! Please FB me - Lindsey Newcomer - I dont think there are too many of us :o)