Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Title Meaning

Recently I changed the title of our blog and I have had a few people ask where "Choosing to See" came from. Here's the story:
- At the beginning of school one of the other kindergarten teacher came up and was telling me about this book she was reading by Mary Curtis Chapman that was titled Choosing to See. She talked about how wonderful it was and how she wanted me to read it. She clearly stated that when she begin reading this book she quickly thought about me and wanted to share it with me. Well it took her a little while to finish it but she continued to talk about it ALL the time! Prior to this I had never heard of the author or her husband even though one of the songs we played at our wedding was sung by her husband! A few weeks ago she brought me the book and needless to say I finished it within about 3 or 4 days. I couldn't lay it down! I cried and laughed the whole way through (which I never do in books). I think everybody should read it at least once. When I took the book back a few days later she could not believe that I had already finished it! The purpose of the book is to say that know matter what happens in life good or bad we need to always choose to see God's plan in it. I won't give away anymore! This was a message that would play out in my life in only about 48 hours after finishing this book. Of course, I have needed to choose to see God's plan in many things that have happened in my life but this one probably tops most of them and God knew that I was going to have to choose to see His plan for all of it to work out (If you don't know this story you will have to ask me in person because it's a bit much to put on the blog).

It's sometimes breath taking the way God places simple things such as a book into the hands of another person who then brings it to you that can mean the whole difference to the outlook of situations. I told some people that if I could write a book about the last 2 weeks of my life and the way that God has placed the most trying things but yet the answers to them right in front of me no person could read it and not know that God is real. The scariest thing was probably the day that I read an email from Tyler asking if I was prepared to do what we where asked to do. I went to the front of the school to call him (this was a day that the students where not there) and discuss this with him before making a final decision. I called him and he didn't answer and by this time I was about to loose it. I looked up at God and clearly said, "I can't do this God... I need somebody!" I kid you not a lady who I adore more than just about anything in life walked in the front door of the school (and no she's not a teacher and she is never away from her kids when they are not at school) and walked over to me put her hand on my shoulder and was starting to ask how I was and she KNEW instantly that I was not ok. I can honestly say when God says He will not give you more than you can handle He isn't lying! I have never had a prayer answered like that and it was the most amazing thing ever. What's funny is I have never told this special lady this story because it is almost too crazy to be true and I know she will read it on here because she is a faithful reader, so to her, YOU WERE MY ANGEL THAT DAY!

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  1. I started reading that book this past weekend! I love it! I love Steven Curtis Chapman's music!