Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dossier Date August 4th

We have been sitting back waiting on our translator to translate and submit our home study for a few weeks now. We knew it would take a little while because of all the holiday seasons and the offices being closed. It is hard to ship things over the holidays because offices aren't open here during our Christmas and then Ukraines offices are closed during our New Year! It's been kind of crazy. FYI- every piece of paper sent to Ukraine is $92 bucks!! I about flipped!

We got an email from Kostya, our translator today. He registerd our home study today and our date to send him our dossier is August 4th. He said the line for younger children seems to be much longer than the rest. This is something we were pretty sure of because of the things we had been told. I have emailed our independent lady, Cathy to see when we should begin collecting our life story for our dossier.

The next step... We will begin gathering these documents (drs forms, fingerprints, house deed, pet records, state clearances, proof of work & stability, tax statements, insurance, and MANY MANY more things). I am sure we will be able to keep busy for a while gathering these! We are excited to have moved on to the next step.

What's left... After we submit our dossier on August 4th we will receive our travel date. So we are actually very few steps away but the time will still be a while. It's possible we won't travel until next year some time. We have no clue how long our travel date will be from our dossier submission date.

Cross your fingers & shoot JC some prayers that the process doesn't seem as long as it really is!! We know our little one(s) are being prepared in Ukraine as we prepare here.

Until next update...

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