Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dossier Time

It is now time to gather the life story documents (aka - dossier). This is the packet of information that will be submitted to the Embassy in Ukraine that will in turn get us a travel date. This should be the final step before actually going to Ukraine! Let's pray that we can gather all the needed documents and get them passed the first time. Our process with Ukrainian Angels is to gather documents then send them to Florida so that Cathy (Ukrainian Angels Lady) can check them for accuracy. Then we will send them to Montgomery to be apostles. Then we will send them to Kostya in Ukraine and he will translate them and submit them on August 4th. We are guessing the travel date will be about 4 or so months from submission (just a guess). We have come to learn that adoption is God's way of teaching us patience! We know that this is in His time and we are perfectly okay with that. Below are the documents we have to gather:

__ Updated Home Study

__ Agency License

__ Social Workers License

__ Letter from agency about social worker

__ I-171H Approval

__ Copies of Passports

__ State Police Clearance Letters

__ Employment Verifications

__ Medical Certificate & Doctors License

__ Marriage Certificate

__ Petition to Adopt

__ Letters of Obligation

__ Power of Attorney

__ House Deed

__ Tax Returns

__ Description of House

__ Ukraine Interpol Police Clearance

Nothing more nothing less!! Our goal for completion is this Friday!!

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