Thursday, June 30, 2011

Be Still and Know I Am God

These title words are ones my Mom spoke when I asked her for some advice tonight at supper. We received news we didn't want to hear today about our adoption. We were told that on May 19th the Ukrainian government decided children 0-5 should only be available for Ukrainian people. We were also told the SDA (facility who does all adoptions) is closing on July 11th. This is huge news to us because our dossier is supposed to be submitted on August 4th which won't happen if the SDA closes in July. We are not sure exactly how either of these are going to impact our adoption. It all strikes when you are least expecting it. We have been on an adoption high due to our LONG wait to send our dossier to be submitted and now finding out that it might not be submitted is a real blow. We know there is a real plan and God knows what it is. All we have to do is put 110% faith in Him no matter how hard this might be.

Please pray that we will have strength and faith to push on through all of these bumps in the road. Please pray for our child wherever they are.

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