Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This was so us!

A friend who has adopted posted this on her wall today. When I watched it made me think back to when we were deciding when to adopt. We kept making every excuse in the book but we kept crossing them off because they just didn't seem to make sense after we thought about it. Now it all seems so selfish that we actually used excuses to wait for our adoption. All of those excuses we had LITERALLY written down have been slowly marked through by God. Once we decided to put all our faith and hope for this adoption in His hands things just took off. We are no where near finished with this adoption and we have many strong holds to get through before we bring our child/ren home from Ukraine. This isn't even considering the things we will have to figure out and work through once we have them home. Honestly, these are things we don't even worry about now because we know it's not just us on this road. We have a God who is right beside us whispering encouragement and assurance that this is right..this is His will for our lives right now. All of this being said I hope you take a few minutes and watch this video.

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