Saturday, October 15, 2011


Life... 6:00am wake-up calls, long bubble baths, tripping on toys, many slobbery kisses, juice boxes, snack times, NO naps... etc

As you can only imagine our lives have changed 100%. Honestly I don't think they could get any better! We are so in love with this little 35lb bundle of love!

Arriving home didn't prove itself to be very easy but nonetheless we made it after 15-20 hours in the air and a missed flight, lost luggage, and long layovers! We could not have asked for a better passenger to join us for the return. Reed loved the "semalot" aka "airplane". He just might be a pilot one day. Today when we were getting in the car he asked me where the airplane was!? He has told everybody about the plane rides. He seriously only slept about 2 hours the entire trip home! Poor guy didn't want to miss a thing. After our missed flight to Birmingham we were re-routed to Montgomery. We were so sad we missed out on the welcome home for Reed in Birmingham. Thanks to all who were and did come out. CC, Buddercup, GG, and Darryl were there to greet us. There are no words to describe the feeling of walking through those plane doors and having our families arms to walk right into. Those are the happiest tears I have ever cried! Sweet Reed could hardly hold his eyes open but he was able to love on each one of them! He knew each one of them for their visits on Skype! He is so smart!

When we finally pulled into the driveway around 1am (we had all been up about 28 hours straight at this point) we explained to him this was his home... He starting yelling "hooray"! He couldn't wait to get inside. This precious boy had no clue what was waiting on the inside!

CC had his room all set up ready to go! You will notice her skills above. She made the truck picture! It's my favorite! Reed's favorite would be the pile of toys she left him! He wanted to open each one of them at 2am that morning... So what did we do?? We open them! He slept with most of them!

The past 2 days have been more than perfect! Even with the early mornings and long days! Honestly, I get so excited to see him each time he wakes up. We feel so blessed to have such a wonderful son. We thank God every minute of every day for allowing us the privilage to call him our own. Sometimes it still doesn't seem real when he calls me "Mama".

Since we have been home we have managed to get a lot done. Most importantly, the rat tail is GONE! He did so good for his first haircut. It's amazing how much a good haircut will do for you! lol. They sure don't pride themselves in teeth brushing or hair styles! We have had many calls, visits, letters, texts, and e-mails from so many of you. We can't thank you enough for the support. It is such a wonderful thing to have from so many people. The outpouring of support since we have been home is amazing. I had "NOTHING" for the unknown child we would bring home before leaving and I came home to a home fully prepared for him. THANK YOU

"Never a dull moment!"

The next few days hold a lot of important appointments for this precious little man. Please pray that all goes smoothly and for Reed as he encounters a lot of new things. Thank you for your continued support.

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