Monday, October 10, 2011


All my life I have enjoyed writing... For the past month I have had no other way to communicate my thoughts and feelings which has been so hard but yet now seems to have given us a collection of memories of the most exciting time in our lives. I don't share very much personal information I tend to just write and stick in a drawer but once Ty saw these (remember I don't show anybody it just goes in a drawer but I didn't have drawers here...) he thought I should share a few. It seems my thoughts collected into poems throughout this wonderful journey.

As you can imagine I couldn't sleep a bit the night before our appointment at the SDA to see pictures of available children... So what did I do... Wrote to my future child..

Our Journey to You

It seems just yesterday
Daddy & I began our journey
Our journey to you

We filled many papers
We answered many questions
We waited many months
All part of our journey to you

It's been over a year
We've wondered
If you have felt us loving you
Throughout our journey to you

We got news not long ago
We could come to you
It was our turn
Our turn to journey to you

It's today
We see you for the first time
Very soon my child
Our journey together begins

FKS 09-13-11

I read this now and it feels so long ago that I had these thoughts. I feel like Reed has been in my life forever. I can't imagine not having him..

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