Saturday, October 8, 2011

Then there were three...

Where to start...

As I type our dancing, singing hand- picked angel is fast asleep (not without a battle :) of course)in the arms of a daddy who loves him to pieces. As I look at them I wonder how in the world I deserve any of this.

Its amazing how a single juice box and 3 animal crackers can make a precious 5 year olds day! Each day we would take 3 cookies to him during our visit and he would get so excited each time! He would go straight for the backpack! The last week I decided to take a juice box! Talk about excited! You would have thought he just won the lottery! There was a drop left in the box or the straw after his "breath- taking" juice box was gone. I think Aunt C has him a Costco crate of juice boxes!

Today we were able to video Skype with our families... They got to hear his voice and see this little guy in action! He has talking to them non- stop (they had no clue what he was saying) but they had no issues keeping the conversation going! Aunt C even managed to give him a cookie and juice through Skype!? You may think how that's possible! She said "dah" (YES) to everything he said and he so smart he said cookie and juice and she said... You got it "dah"! He was off to the kitchen waiting on his cookie and juice! We thank each and every one of our priceless family members. You have each played such a vital part in this journey. We love you all more than words can say.

I sit and read the blog over and over and cry almost every time (fyi- I'm thinking the blog should change to an aunts perspective... She totally rocked the blog)! We would go into town very little but when we did we would try to search for wifi everywhere! Trust me that was a hard search... McDonalds didn't even have it! If we were able to find it we would take pictures of the blog posts.. It kind of felt like a connection we had with you all back home. The day of court when we logged on and saw the prayer blog I lost it. You all have no idea what strength that gave us each and every day thereafter. We seriously read those words daily and cannot thank you each enough for taking the time to write such and words and send them to God. Once again I sit and wonder how I deserve this.

Honestly, I could sit and talk ALL day... Please know how much you all have meant to us throughout this journey... We love you all and can't wait to be home!

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