Friday, October 7, 2011

Cars, Trains, & Planes

Cars, Trains, & Planes… What will bring my sweet little Reed home!

Sorry for the lack of updates. There has really been little that I could share until today. I have talked to Felecia regularly this week. I guess since I was talking to her on the phone (& I did not need to talk through the blog to her), I neglected you apologies. I have used the blog to share emotions through the eyes of family. I am sure you look forward to Felecia & Tyler sharing the other side later, and they will.

Well, I know you are tired of me running my trap... which I am good at just ask Uncle B.

So here goes...They are on the train to Kiev, as I write, with sweet Reed. Ummm, YAY! They left the apartment in Donetsk at 5 a.m. (Ukraine Time) this morning. Headed to Reed’s hometown to finish paperwork and then to orphanage. They celebrated at the orphanage with doughnuts, and they were off to catch the train. I talked to them on the car ride to the train, and Reed was already asking when they were getting out of the car. He has no idea of the travel time in front of him! The train left at 7:30pm (Ukraine Time). It is a 13 hour ride back, so they will arrive in Kiev at 8:30am Saturday (Ukraine Time) or right after midnight our time. She says she is finally able to fully enjoy the moment! She said he was being a little quiet, but kept staring out the window. Remember, this precious blessing has had very little (if any?) contact outside of the orphanage. We are prepared (as well as can be) for a culture SHOCK! I think he will adjust just fine. They said he is very loving, and we know there is more than enough of that to go around in the U.S. We all know Love IS what makes the world go round.

So the plan from here is…

Saturday 10/08/11- Arrive in Kiev, Rest, eat McDonalds haha

Sunday 10/09/11- Family Time & Shopping!

Monday 10/10/11- The Embassy is closed for Columbus Day

Tuesday 10/11/11- 10 a.m. appointment at Embassy

Wednesday 10/12/11- Interview at Embassy

They will return one of the following days depending on how flights work out. I will update when final plans are made.

As for Aunt Cassie… Well I have a bedroom to finish up! Between Pinterest, Pottery Barn, Target, and me the trunk is loaded. I have lots to do before the end of next week! So much fun!

Again, I want to thank you for all the calls, thoughts, and prayers for this journey! The Simmons’ are truly one blessed family!

I have been given FULL AUTHORITY to post pictures of THEIR CHILD!! So here goes & enjoy!

Already acting like Daddy! Sagging pants and flexing his muscles..LOL

Video: I am thinking Ty should consider another profession! (Cousin Maggie should enjoy these videos!)

Ready to have you all home with us! Love, Aunt Cassie

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