Friday, September 30, 2011

Holding Strong

*Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been out of town since Monday morning visiting with a friend. I was actually able to get a little sleep/shopping done knowing everything was on track. Now I am just ready to have them home...

I think they are feeling about the same way. Felecia is documenting days there on her iPad. She emails me these when she has internet connection. I laugh, I cry...I am so thankful for the relationship I share with my sister. I am so thankful that she can share all these feelings with me. I know many of these long days she will post for all when she returns. I think they are her thoughts to share. She did text very early one morning wanting me to fly there. She assured me she could get me to where she is...very soon little sis you will be back here. I miss you tremendously.

Tyler and Felecia are holding strong...

Felecia said Reed is going to be a Mommies boy. She said he wants her all the time. If he only knew how much we all want him. Soon he will! However, I hear Reed loves to dance, and Tyler is getting pretty good with making rap music so he can dance! I believe this is documented on video! A must to share! I am guessing they are running a tight favorites race lol.

I know these 10 days are dragging for them. She text yesterday and said it was freezing (where it has been warm). As she was texting, she said a shepherd and his goats walked by the window of their apartment. Her exact words after this "Can I please come home?". All I can say is "NOT WITHOUT REED". She does not realize she is now back-burner to him!! Only kidding or am I???

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

Sleep well tonight my sweet Reed!

Love, Aunt Cassie

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