Thursday, September 22, 2011

Another Blessed Day

I did not miss them by a second. I knew they were going into town at 1:00pm Ukraine time. I set my clock to go off every 15min from 5am this morning, and I had my computer on the night stand waiting for the Skype "ping". I am soooo not a morning person, but this morning I could not have been more excited to be half-way awake.

They were at a restaurant and only had 30 min to eat and talk, so our time was limited. She said she is going crazy not having internet, but you all can tell her I am ruling the blog! She said they walk to the orphanage each day, come home, and sit around the apartment playing cards. They are staying at the apartment of their driver's daughter. The apartment is nice and the area is safe. I will post pics at the end.

He calls them mama and papa, but she said this is common in Ukraine. They call all adults mama and papa. Their communication is minimal (which is to be expected). He has learned the word cookie. I am guessing he has Aunt Cassie's appetite. Oreos here we come. She said they look through the family picture book everyday. He knows Bella (one of their puppies) and GiGi (our mom). I am sure I am next on the list, right? Probably should have left Braxton out of my picture. HAHA. We all know he will know MacMac and HoHo first anyways...

She said he is small, but very healthy. A friend of Felecia's sent some pants with her, so she pulled out her "GiGi Skills" and hemmed them last night for him to wear home. She said thanks, Lori! She said she did not have anything cute to bring him home in...I told her not to worry Tyler's mom stocked him up! He will be the cutest kid ever no matter what he wears!

She said there is a grocery store near, but the workers are rude. They will not let you bring your bag in, so Tyler stands at front of the store and Felecia shops. This makes the workers mad. One will follow Felecia around and one will stand by him. She said she does not know what anything is...
She said she is counting down the days with nutritional bars. I hope she is able to leave lots of these there!!

I also received an email today from another couple in Ukraine wanting to meet up with Felecia and Tyler. I thought this was really neat, and I hope they are able to get together. Their court date was this week, and they are going home with two precious little girls! As you are praying for Felecia and Tyler, add in this new family of four! They have chosen to share their journey just as Felecia & Tyler through a blog I have already been reading, and it is another heart-touching story! Thanks for sharing Huitts!

I am going to post pics of the new digs...

Monday can not come soon enough! I will blog as soon as I hear something (& calm down)! I know their is a crowd on their knees waiting to hear. Thanks again for all of your support. I can't wait to share more details!!

Since I am going to get the best Auntie Award, I better start beefing up my skills. I will by start talking to my Aunt Amanda about this...she sure ruled my world.

Love you Aunt Amanda for being the best Aunt
Love you little man for allowing me the honor to be your Aunt!

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