Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ukraine Here We Come!

We are 4 days from flying out! Honestly, the past couple of weeks have gone so quickly! I thought they would drag because we are so excited but we have had so much stuff to do that it didn't! It has been amazing to see how much so many of you care... We have been beyond blessed by so many. God has worked in our lives in so many different ways along this journey.

Our church group threw us a "Baby Shower" this past Sunday! I am so used to going to other peoples showers and taking gifts but when I walked into this one it was a little odd! I guess I never imagined it being me having the "Baby" or "Kid" in our case! We are so ready for what God has in store for us.

We fly out this Saturday! YAY! Mom is going to take us to the airport to fly out at 1. We won't arrive in Ukraine until 6 on Sunday. Yes, we get to be in the air on September 11th.. On the better end we get to celebrate our anniversary on the 12th in Ukraine!

Our bags are packed and ready to roll out. Thanks to all of you who donated supplies for the orphanages. We have one entire bag of supplies to pass along while in Ukraine. I'll try to remember to post a picture of our luggage. It's pretty impressive to pack for this long of a trip and only take 3 pair of pants and 5 shirts! I know they will be so thankful for all of it.

We will be staying in touch via Blog & Email. Please continue to pray for our travels and our child (or children if you are talking to my sister :).

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