Sunday, September 25, 2011

BIG DAY! Let's all take part!

I have to make a correction on court date time. I am not sure if I got it wrong the first time or if it changed??? The court date is still tomorrow September 26th, but it is at 10am (Ukraine time) and 2am (Central time). Yep, one Aunt is not sleeping tonight. (Maghan, you might be driving to the ATL tomorrow!)

From what I have read, it could be a few hours that they are questioned. I will update as soon as I can!!! She should have internet access tomorrow after court since she will be in the city. She may be able to do the update?

I say let's make a blog with prayers and well wishes. They check the blog every time they get internet access. Here is how it will go...facebook/email/text me ( or 205-412-0985) what you want to say & DO NOT forget name(s). I will wait until 10:30pm tonight and compile the blog post. Start sending now...even if only a few words! Even if you do not personally know them and just follow their story! Help me get as many as we can!!!

I am going to put some finishing touches on his room. She said he loves cars, trucks, tractors, etc... If anyone has any old stop sign, street lights (yes, we had one in college), or road signs (shame on you!), but let me know. I would love to have a couple for his room. Where is Simmons Road??? HaHa, Just Kidding. Open to any cute ideas! If you follow me on Pinterest you know I've already started!

XOXO, Cassie

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