Friday, September 16, 2011

Update #2 (creative title, right?)

So... I am having breakfast with a friend this morning, and I see a crazy number on my phone. Yep, heart to feet...Ahhh, to hear her voice. I was counting on a couple of weeks! I was only able to talk to her for about a minute. All she kept telling me is pay my bills. Hmmmm....That is not what I want to talk about?? LOL. I kept asking questions, and she continues to tell me how to log-in her account to pay the bills.

First, I know she wants her bills paid, but I want to know about my nephew.

Second, did she really think I was listening about the bills? I still want to know about my nephew.

Third, yep you guessed it, because I did not listen I now can not get into her account to PAY HER BILLS.

Hopefully, Braxton can resolve that issue. No one tell Felecia, ok? Ha. If you know Felecia well at know she is 10 days early for everything. Not to worry...I will take care of this.

The good news is....
They have a pre-paid phone.
The bad news is....
They only have 20min. You are probably thinking "Why did they only get 20 min?" Well, I am thinking the same thing. Their translator has left & he is the only one who can add min.
The best news is....
We know how to reach them. We know they are safe.

You did not think this is all I have to say, right?
You want to know more, right?

I passed the number along (which is 12 digits by the way) to Sherry, Tyler's mom, so she could call them. Well, it would not go through. Drama...Me kicking myself thinking I should have let her give me number and not counted on my phone to show correct number. After a little researching, we realized you must dial 011 first (just FYI if you ever need to call Ukraine). That makes it a 15 digit number. This worked...YAY!

She was able to talk to them about 7 min.

This is what we know about my new nephew...
1. He is precious!
2. He has blond hair & blue eyes.
3. He has a rat tail . . . Tyler says a hair cut is in order :-)
4. He is smart.
5. He is very small. I have his measurements in inches. Now, I must decipher to sizes. Help?? Anyone??
6. He loves to sing and dance.
7. He loves Tyler. When they visited the orphanage for a 2nd (maybe 3rd time), he came running to Tyler with his hands in the air to be picked up! Bless his precious heart.
8. He wants Tyler and Felecia to be his mommy and daddy. When the translator asked him could Tyler and Felecia be his mommy and daddy, he responded, "Yes".

This is what we know about the process...
1. Their court date is tentatively September 26th. They have to stay in Ukraine 10 days after the final court date.
2. They get to see him everyday from 10-12.

Tyler and Felecia are very emotional right now. I can only imagine the roller coaster they have been on the past week. They are very excited and ready to be home as a family of three (six if you count the pups).

Please continue to pray for strength during their wait, pray for this precious little boy, pray for a speedy process of paperwork, pray for a compassionate judge, pray for the family here at home worried about a granddaughter, grandson, great-grandchild, daughter, son, grandchild, sister, brother, nephew, and so on...

If you have any questions feel free to email me at I am not sure how to respond to the comments on here for her. Sorry! Hopefully, i just answered lots of questions.

XOXO, Aunt Cassie

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