Monday, September 12, 2011

Simmons in Ukraine!

This is Cassie (Felecia's Sister).
I am not a blogger, so hang in there with me...

Today is Felecia and Tyler's Anniversary...what a celebration!! They were celebrating at a Pub by their apartment. The translator suggested it would be a good place, so this was going to be their first outing alone.

I was able to Skype Message with her this morning. We could not get Skype to work, it kept freezing-up on us.

Here are a few tid-bits she shared...
-It took 35 hours to finally make it to Ukraine...she said they were falling asleep standing up!
-The bottled water is horrible.
-Weather is awesome.
-Kiev is beautiful!
-She likes the bacon chips (I believe she said Frito Lay)
-Money Exchange $300USD = $2,394 Hryvnia
-Two meals at McDonalds totaled $50 Hryvnia (about $6 USD...WOW Cheap!)
-She said the food at McDonalds tasted the same to her. She is not a picky eater either though!!

Their appointment is tomorrow at 11am Ukraine Time (3am Central Time). Hopefully, I will be able to chat with her after the appointment tomorrow...

Here are the pictures she sent...


Apartment Front

Elevator to Apartment

Hallway to Apartment






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