Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Court Date 9/26/2011 YAY!

Got to text with Felecia around 5am this morning.

She seems to be in great spirits! They are still loving every minute of their daily visits to the orphanage. She says he is always in a good mood and wants to play.

They plan to have their driver take them in to town on Thursday. Hopefully, she will be able to get internet access and add minutes to the phone. I know 2 mom's (aka grandmothers) that would love to see/talk to them. I can say, I also will be pretty bummed if it does not work out. I am used to seeing Felecia fairly often and talking to her almost daily. I have picked up my phone several times to attempt to call her... SOOO ready for them to be home!!

She says they want an American feast when they get back...specifically mashed potatoes (Braxton you make her favorite), turkey 'n' dressing, cranberry sauce, and green beans. Sounds like they have not acclimated to Ukrainian food and we have a feast to plan! I hate to cook, but this is one meal I will be happy to prepare!

Their court date is set for this coming Monday, September 26th at 1:00pm (Ukraine time) 5:00am (Central time).

Again, we appreciate all the thoughts, prayers, email, calls, etc...

I will be sure to update as soon as I hear more from them!

xoxo Aunt Cassie

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