Sunday, September 25, 2011

Love makes a FAMILY!

Love makes a FAMILY!

Many of your friends and family are putting in special time with the man upstairs. Hope you feel us all the way in Ukraine! We hope to hear from you soon!

Dear Lord; Thank you for placing this special child into the hands of two most deserving people I know. Please be with Felecia and Tyler on Monday as we know this is meant to be. I know what it is like to raise a child placed into your life by God. Sending love to Felecia, Tyler and little one...In Jesus name...I love all of you!! -Aunt Amanda

We want to wish you the best through your journey. We can't wait to meet this wonderful angel!! Love you all!! -Maghan, Patrick, Aubrey, & Millie Merry

We can’t wait for you to get home and get a big Ukrainian bear hug! We are getting his room ready and cannot wait for him to get here to fill the house with joy. The puppies are patiently waiting to meet our new addition. I hope we will be hearing some news today of travel plans. Most of all, I cannot wait till you are back in Kiev where there is at least wifi and we can talk some and maybe some pictures. Special prayers are being said for all 3 of you and for the judge that he/she may honor your request to make him your own. It’s hard to believe how this little boy that we have never met has already won our hearts over. Lots of Love & Lots of Kisses to all three! -GiGi (Felecia’s Mom)

This little guy has NO idea just how lucky he is! Y'all will be amazing parents and God has truly blessed this little guy by putting him in your lives! I am praying daily for God's plan for your new family to unfold in the most perfect way imaginable! Love all three of you! -Brittany Taylor

Felecia & Tyler, I have been keeping up with your story and it has been amazing watching it unfold. I have been praying for a long time and include you all in my prayers each and every day. I know the two of you will make great parents and any child will be lucky to call you mom and dad. I hope everything works out and look forward to meeting your new family.-Sincerely, Shela Green

Tyler and Felecia, prayers are being sent up for you, in this new adventure of God's Love! I pray for God's love and guidance to you and your new "son"! May His blessings and love embrace you always! Blessings to you all!!:) -Judy Wright

This is Nana sending love and prayers for smooth transition. Hoping court has gone as smooth as possible and you are finally moving forward. May God give you the right words to say and a judge with a heart deep and wide. Many preparations are being made here. Grandma has asked many questions, and Uncle Austin wants to know if 5 years old is too young for a BB gun!!!!!!! I told him it was mandatory for him to learn English first. I will work the tractor end here. That is easy here in the country. We are Polaris ranger shopping. Poppa Beetle has plans to load up grandchildren to go fishing! Everyone is jumping on board praise God. -Nana (Tyler’s Mom)

Please tell them that we will be praying for them and their son. We know what it is like to want a child to fill our empty arms, but we also know that our God can bless is exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think. Right now, our miracle is sleeping. We know that God hears prayers and answers. Our verse for our son is 1 Samuel 1:27. We prayed for this child as I know they have prayed for that child. And we serve a God who is faithfully blessing praying people. God bless the Simmons family. -Prayers and love from the Wilson Family (Beth, Shane, & KP)

I am praying for you all. I love and miss you. -Dad

The love of family is life’s greatest blessing!!! No matter how parenthood finds you, it is a miracle!! This precious little one will be part of such a wonderful family!! We will be thinking of you all and praying!!! -Love, Whitney, Dustin & Jack Holcomb

Felecia & Tyler, We just found out about your wonderful journey today. What a blessing from God that you have been united with your special angel and the same for him! I pray for Gods strength and presence to surround you more than ever now. Congratulations and many more blessing to come. -William, Bridget, & Luls Adams

Praying that everything goes smoothly and that y'all get to bring your little boy home to Alabama soon. -Jessica Moman

We wish you all the best! No other two people are more perfect for giving this precious little one a home more than you guys. Praying for good news, safe travels, and a lifetime of memories to be made with your little boy. Can't wait to meet him, as I'm sure everyone is. Sending lots of prayers, hugs, and kisses from Charleston, WV. Love you guys!!! -The Wilsons (Buddy, Michelle, Meagan, and Maddie)

Hey Felicia and Tyler, Rob and I are praying for you. We are so excited and happy for both of you! We cannot wait to meet him. We love you! Cameron and Andrew said to tell you that they love you and to be safe when you do get to come home. We are sending a lot of hugs and kisses your way. -Amy Sandlin

Praying for y’all tomorrow… So happy for y’all… -Love, Kacy Junkin

Hey guys! We are so excited for the three of you to return and can not WAIT to meet that sweet little boy. We know that God has wonderful things in store for your family. We have all seen God working throughout this process and are excited to see him continue to work. We are praying that God will give you a peace tomorrow throughout your court date, and that all will go well. We pray that this transition time in both your lives and the life of your son will be smooth and that God will continue to give both you and your sweet boy patience, peace and understanding as your family grows together. We pray for strength when there are bumps in the road and that he will quickly know and accept the love that I know you all will pour out on him We know that you are following what God has called you to do and He will continue to bless you in more ways than you can imagine. We love you and are so thankful for the example you are to us. Can't wait to see you!!! Psalm 29:11 The LORD gives strength to his people; the LORD blesses his people with peace. -Candace & Bradley Holliday

We love and miss you both! We are praying for a safe trip and a close bond to form quickly between you and your son. We look forward to having your whole family back in the US! We love y’all!!!-Josiah & Maggie Kemp

Thinking about you and praying for your court appointment tomorrow! I don't know what it's like there, but in Ethiopia the court waiting room was small and hot. I had hardly eaten and was nervous so I nearly fainted as we were waiting to go in. My advice - take water and a granola bar. Those 2 things saved me! Can't wait for you guys to get home! -Jenny Dixon

Dear Felecia & Tyler, Our family, including my parents, continue to think of you and pray for you but will certainly focus our energies tomorrow during the time you are in court. If you read this after your court hearing, I hope that all went well and that it was not too stressful for you. This is such an exciting time for you and just the beginning of your time as a family. You know my parents and I are very emotionally invested in your journey. It has been wonderful to follow your every step. Best wishes for a speedy court hearing, and an uneventful return home. -With lots of love to all, Lori

We hope everything goes great tomorrow in court!! We are so excited for you guys and you have been in our prayers constantly! We wish you all the best and can't wait to meet your new addition! -Love, Kyle and Meagan Robertson

Hey guys! We are lifting you up as you appear before the judge today. We are so thankful that God has brought you this far and that you have your sweet son in your arms today. We're praying for power in the name of Jesus that your adoption would be granted the first time and that you can come home together as soon as possible. He is the Father to the fatherless and He has gone before you into that courtroom! Praise His Name for what He's already done on your behalf! Can't wait to meet your little man! Love you guys!-Logan and Lindsey Thrasher

Dear God, thank you for placing this child on Tyler and Felecia's heart. You have formed this family together before their journey every began. I pray that you Give Tyler and Felecia strength, patience, peace, and wisdom for what is ahead and I pray that you give their new child joy and comfort. You are wonderful God and we thank you for your Will and for using us to please You and help others. This child will soon have a home. Amen.-Staci Hardwick

And I am sure of this, that He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. (Philippians 1:6) -April Hollingsworth

Please send our love and prayers along to Tyler and Felecia. We are a part of the Giving Hope Homes group at church and have had them in our thoughts and prayers this entire trip. We eagerly read the blog for updates and can't wait to meet their precious boy when they finally get him home (after the #1 aunt of course). We're praying for an easy court date and a smooth trip home! -Stewart, Treva, Miranda and Seth Dean

We're standing with you guys in prayer! Be safe and we will be here when you get home to continue on your journey with you! -Lots of hugs and prayers, The Davises

XOXO! See all 3 of you soon! Aunt Cassie

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